ME RAW FOOD GUIDE 3(2)There are many ways to eat a high raw diet or any other healthy diet. My diet has evolved over the years to include more whole, plant and raw foods. It hasn’t been a one day cold turkey radical change which I really don’t advise you to make. I would prefer see people transitioning in a steady pace – while learning a new way of eating and appreciating the health benefits in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels – rather  than go back and forth to processed foods and possibly eventually giving up out of frustration or lack of success. Give yourself time to like new food. It will become enjoyable as your taste change to appreciate wholesome foods and you start implanting healthy habits.

For me it has been quite an adventure, not always easy but the rewards in freedom from diseases, high stable energy and joy of living were worth all the efforts. There has been time I admit when I curse my knowledge and wish I was ignorant and innocent so I could live like everyone else, not thinking about consequences and not be so different. When I reassess my purpose and goals I go back on the bandwagon more determined than ever that it is my chosen path. I gain more confidence in it than following the status quo.
Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.
Here is how my day looks like:
Breakfast is usually between 8 and 9am; usually I’ll have a green smoothie including 2-3 cups greens and herbs – mint, dill, parsley – and 2 seasonal local fruits plus 1 cup fresh or frozen berries. A couple of times a week I make a nut or seed milk and eat it with sprouted oats and berries or granola made with sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat.  I eat along some lettuce and celery stalks.
Most days for lunch it is lentil sprouts salad or buckwheat sprouts salad with a small
avocado, some veggies and sauerkraut. I highly enjoy eating these sprouts. Some other days I like to make vegetable wrap out of leaves such as lettuce, collard or young cabbage leaves. I fill it with sprouts, sauerkraut and avocado, a seed pate or nut sauce. Yummy! Others favorite lunches are dehydrated buckwheat breads or wrappers with vegetables.
For dinner if I’m out of time I’ll have a blended soup with crackers and some seed cheese; or a generous salad with a dressing; or veggies with a nice nut dip; or only veggies with whole nuts and nut butter. A couple of times a week I like to put my hands at creating nice raw meals such as alfredo pasta, zucchini pesto, burgers and cauliflower rice, raw chili and taco, quiche, raw pizza, feta cheese… I’m usually proud of my creation and savour it with great gusto. More of these recipes in future newsletters.
With my salad I might opt for the addition of some steamed non-starchy vegetables in
season such as asparagus, green beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower…
Dessert: I keep raw desserts for the weekend as I don’t want to have too many sweets in my diet even if it is from natural food such as dates. I’m sensitive to concentrated
sweeteners and too much may create health problems for me. I’m now experimenting with stevia, a low glycemic sweetener.
The weekend is a bit different. On the weekend I’ll make a nice cooked vegan meal such as Indian food with lentils, vegetable and rice, or Thai curry with cauliflower curry with rice or simply steamed potatoes with guacamole and sometimes hummus.
I really enjoy eating meals composed of the most nutritious, fresh and whole foods.
My diet is still evolving and might be different in a year from now. The principles for healthy eating are going to be elaborated in a free report that I’m writing at the moment and will be available in a few weeks. Stay tune for the launch. There will be a short survey attached to it.
In good health and delicious eating,