Diet Tune Up VIP Strategy Session

“Diet Tune Up” VIP Strategy Session


In this strategy session  with Guylaine, Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner, you’ll receive…

  • 90-minute phone or skype consultation
  • Help with identifying a bold health goal and time frame within which to complete it
  • A few steps you can take immediately to ensure that your diet and lifestyle habits support you in reaching your health goals
  • A long-term strategy to support you to identify the root cause of your current health challenges and put into place the nutrition and lifestyle habits which restore balance and allow you to experience the vibrant health you desire and deserve


Your consultation also includes:

  • Pre-call Health Evaluation Form, reviewed in advance by Guylaine
  • A “Tune Up Diet” Action Plan with your next best steps and long-term support strategy


Investment in Your Health: only $175 for a Limited-Time Offer $97– CAD (APPROX. $80 USD)
A health evaluation form will be e-mailed for you to submit, along with appointment slots for you to choose from when you submit your registration form.

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After you have booked your session using the button below we will get in contact with you and send you a health assessment form and schedule your 90 minutes strategy session.

AJ 2I attended one of Guylaine’s  classes  and I learned so much from her class that I decided to sign up for one of her coaching sessions.   I had a few health challenges when I began and I can now say that I am about 95% better.
I enjoyed it so much!   I gained a lot of knowledge that I will be able to
implement for the rest of my life to maintain a healthy body.   She provided me with many great recipes.  Often times we want to eat better and change but do not know how to do it.  Guylaine, I feel has equipped me to make those changes.  Thanks so much Guylaine!! :O)

AJ Peters, vitamins consultant


NICOLETT FAULKNER “I cannot say enough about Guylaine.  She is a top-to-bottom support system. She makes healthy living uncomplicated. Her recipes are absolutely delicious. The whole experience was fun, easy and will bring about so many positive returns. I am thrilled about the future! I feel blessed to have experienced her coaching. “

Nicole Faulkner



“Before we started working together, I was suffering from a huge skin rash that was keeping me itchy and miserable. I did not know what to do and was ready to go see the Doctor who would prescribe me medication. However, under Guylaine’s guidance, I got to heal without resorting to hazardous medications. I am so glad I have had you!

I would recommend Guylaine to anyone else without hesitation. She is a wealth of knowledge and she has such a loving way to encourage me, yet have confidence about your way of natural healing. I am now healed. Thank you so much Guylaine for all your support.”

Motoko Mitchell

“Guylaine has been a wonderful support to me as I have gradually lost 20 pounds over the last winter. She has coached me and guided me through my ups and downs as I have slowly eliminated wheat, dairy and sugar. I have also moved away from processed and even most cooked food, and have so much more energy than when I used to eat the standard American diet.  Guylaine has a special way of really connecting, and encouraging me within my own limitations, never making me feel like I was progressing slowly. She made it all so much easier than doing it on my own. Very much appreciated.”

Celia Kane