Scrumptious Dessert Class



Do you have a sweet tooth but don’t like the effect that sugar has on you?

Would you like to create your own desserts that don’t spike your blood sugar and make you feel good thereafter?

If you answer yes to these questions then I know you’ll love this raw dessert class. 

It’s 3 hours packed with food demonstration to learn how to make scrumptious dessert that use healthy ingredients such as nuts, seeds, dates, avocado, fruits, and low glycemic sweeteners such as stevia and erythritol.

Plus you bring desserts home to eat later. They all freeze well.


Learn how to make:

  •  Easy no-roll, pie crusts and crisp toppings
  • Cream, pudding and parfait
  • Chocolate dipping sauce
  • Fruit crumble and pies
  • No cheese cheesecake
  • Chocolate and truffles
  • Low glycemic desserts using stevia and erythritol

Get ready for Christmas and impress your guests with guilt-free desserts.

These desserts are low glycemic and contain no sugar. We only use fresh fruits, dates, stevia and erythritol to sweeten.

Includes dessert recipe handout and desserts to bring home

Date and Time: Saturday, Nov 21st, 5:00-8:00pm, 2015
Investment: only $97
Location: Asher Road, Kelowna, address provided upon registration
Contact information: email Gila at
or call 250 469-2265 .
Register now as space is limited.

“Gila makes the most amazing desserts. I feel good after I eat her desserts. I don’t have the usual digestive upset that I have with other desserts.”  Dotty Beliskow