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Are You Ready to Bring Your Health to the Next Level, Get Energized

guylaineIf you answered yes to these questions then you are in the right place. Hi my name is Guylaine Lacerte, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, I am here to help you end your suffering and elevate your energy.

You don’t have to do it alone, I know how hard it can be to do it alone without support or guidance. With the help of a health expert that holds your hand you can achieve so much more in life with joy and confidence. So if you think it is time now to step into a beautiful body and take finally that self care that has been put on the slow burner for so many years and are ready to end your misery, then I offer you a complimentary strategy session.

I’ve been where you are

I’ve had the same feelings as you with my health, sickness and pain in my body, and it wasn’t a place I liked to be. I received help from my mentors and coaches and was able to successfully solve my health challenges.

My success is your success

As I reclaimed my health I made it my mission to support exhausted women like you.  Through my 40 years of education in natural health and nutrition –  I am now helping professional women over 40 reclaim their vitality and joy of living in a body free of diseases and high body fat.

Supporting your health journey

It takes courage sometimes to change habits and commit to a higher level of health and vitality. Navigating alone can be overwhelming and distressing. That’s why I offer my help in supporting, guiding, inspiring and motivating women over 40 who experience health challenges, hormone issues and weight gain.

 How would it feel for you to be fully supported and have less stress while achieving your most cherished goal?

Imagine a life of vibrant health, boundless energy and free from ill symptoms

  • CoachingPoor digestion
  • Extra weight
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Skin issues
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Hormone imbalance

Change is a learning process and I am here to help you start the process of resetting your digestion and rebooting your diet today.

You can’t expect to reverse decades of diseases in just one week, or decades of bad habits in a matter of days.  If you are ready to begin, you now have a support partner ready to guide you through the process.

Start the process now – Claim your Health Strategy Session

If you are interested in my health coaching and want to  discover more then I invite you to take the opportunity of this complimentary Health Strategy Session.

During this 30 minutes call we will discuss your health situation, where you’re at and where you want to go, get clear on your goal,  and determine how I can best help you in achieving your goals. We can then  decide if we are a good fit to work with each other.

To book your without obligation strategy session,  please visit my online calendar to book yourself a spot.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you,



AJ 2I attended one of Guylaine’s  classes  and I learned so much from her class
that I decided to sign up for one of her coaching sessions.   I had a few
health challenges when I began and I can now say that I am about 95% better.
I enjoyed it so much!   I gained a lot of knowledge that I will be able to
implement for the rest of my life to maintain a healthy body.   She provided
me with many great recipes.  Often times we want to eat better and change
but do not know how to do it.  Guylaine, I feel has equipped me to make
those changes.  Thanks so much Guylaine!! :O)

AJ Peters, vitamins consultant

ERIKA FEDOROWICH A“One Person Can Make a Difference.
At 25 years of age I was unhealthily overweight, had multiple chronic pains, on antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping aids, and pain medications. The doctors, “This is just how you are, so we can ‘manage you’ with meds”, so nothing to do but fade away, numb and quiet, all downhill from here.

This lasted until I met Guylaine. Guylaine made an undeniable, incredible, and unconditionally loving difference in my life. Tears well up in my eyes and my breath chokes when I think of the amazing opportunity Guylaine presented to me through loving guidance, knowledge and understanding, EMPOWERING ME TO TAKE BACK MY LIFE. She did not do it for me but rather gave me the tools to help myself; a hand up not a hand out is where real change and growth lies. Now at age 33 I am in the best physical, mental, and emotional health. No more medications, no more pain, no more sadness or decay. Just love, grace, and joy!”

Forever Grateful,
Erika L. Fedorowich – Kelowna, B.C.

DIANE LALONDEI lost 20 pounds and now I sleep like I never did in my whole life. Taking Guylaine’s coaching course has been the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I was struggling with my health issues and now I feel like I’m in control of my health. Guylaine’s teaching has been the catalyst to make me implementing a healthy lifestyle. Three months later I’m going sexy fit and slim. Than you Guylaine. You are the best.

Diane Lalonde, nurse Kelowna

NICOLETT FAULKNER“I cannot say enough about Guylaine.  She is a top-to-bottom support system. She makes healthy living uncomplicated. Her recipes are absolutely delicious. The whole experience was fun, easy and will bring about so many positive returns. I am thrilled about the future! I feel blessed to have experienced her coaching. ”

Nicole Faulkner