If you’re a woman between the ages of 40-65 and have health concerns about:

  • Weight gain;
  • Digestive issues;
  • Fatigue and lack of motivation;
  • Hormone imbalance; or
  • Confusion around healthy diet…

I can help you.

For forty years I’ve been studying about natural health, nutrition, detoxification and hormone balance. I’ve been experimenting and listening to my own body, learning what works and what doesn’t. I’ve raised two healthy children without vaccinations and medications. Food is your best medicine.

I became vegetarian for ethical and spiritual reasons and found myself healthier than ever. If I would transgress from my healthy diet, I would pay a big price. I’ve been in terrible pain many times. Gradually increasing raw foods in my diet allowed me to avoid sicknesses. I don’t suffer anymore from pain and sicknesses. Evolving to a high raw plant-based diet has been a great journey.

In the last ten years I’ve been helping hundreds of women to release weight, improve their digestion, reduce aches and pain and achieve great health while learning how their body works and having a diet plan that works ideally for them.

Are you wondering if you can overcome your own health challenges? I’m here to show you how.

Making changes can be daunting mainly when there is so much confusion out there. With expert guidance a woman can make the lifestyle and nutrition changes to finally achieve her health and life goals.

Getting older doesn’t mean living with less energy, chronic diseases and more medications. I’m here to inspire, guide and support you in your healthy journey.

I’m Gila – aka Guylaine – Lacerte and I’m an expert on women’s hormones, digestion, body weight and detoxification. I’ve been teaching nutrition classes and group programs for the last 10 years. I’ve even done a 6-months internship in a fasting retreat where I was in charge of people who came sick, weak and devitalized who fasted on water for a few days to a few weeks. They recovered their health and left much happier,  healthier than they arrived. It was terrific to witness such health transformation.

Wherever you are in your health at the moment, you’re never too old to make room for improvement. The body is an amazing self-healing organism. It responds quickly to tender loving care.

Are you ready to…

  • unleash your inner healer?
  • make a team with your body so you can experience sustainable energy, be comfortable in your own skin, and do the things you love?
  • live without worries, guilt and health problems?

If yes then let’s talk.

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My Credentials

  • Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner, from Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology, 2014
  • Has led workshops on raw food classes and nutrition programs, 1988-2016
  • Certified Lifestyle Coach from Coach Training Alliance, 2009
  • Certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator from Living Light Institute, 2008
  • Registered Professional Counselor from Kelowna College of Professional Counselling, 2006
  • Has trained for two years in psychotherapy at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, 2003-2004
  • Has studied psychology at Lautentian University, 2003-2004
  • Studied 4 years under Nutritionist, Lecturer and Orthobionomic (living a longer life) Consultant Ron Weston, in Toronto, 2000-2004
  • Has studied naturopathy in Montreal, 1991
  • Has completed a 6-month internship at TC Fry’s Fasting Retreat in Texas, 1990
  • Certified Nutritionist in Natural Hygiene, from Life Science Institute,1989
  • Has been involved in the natural health movement for 40 years
  • Raised 2 children on a predominantly vegan diet
I’ve spent 40 years studying natural health and the body’s functions. I’ve experienced and witnessed the power of natural solutions, positive mindset, wise nutrition and lifestyle strategies for avoiding drugs and stay free from chronic diseases. I like to read studies daily for latest health breakthroughs to keep at the forefront of nutritional sciences. I dig deep into the root cause of diseases and turn these discoveries into practical advice to make it easy for my clients to live a healthy, happy and fabulous life. Gila Lacerte