7 Tips for a Healthier and Happier ChristmasIt’s easy to get wrapped up in all the musts of Christmas preparation and avoid the many sweet temptations found at every corner. We too often forget about taking care of our own needs. It’s time this season for a renewed commitment to your precious wellness. Here are some tips to arrive at Christmas refreshed and energized rather than sick, burnt-out or depressed.


1- Simplify, simplify, simplify

If Christmas is too much preparation for you then simplify. Don’t put out all the decorations this year. Don’t try to give a gift to everyone you know, sometimes just a Christmas card with warm wishes and a special note will do wonder. Shop online and give gifts that suit your lifestyle such as DVDs, books and healthy foods. If you feel like it you can make your own gifts such as special sweet confections.

2- Think about what’s most important

Giving your love and being relaxed is better than to arrive stressed out and frustrated. Don’t feel guilty to think about you and to take care of your needs. It is perfectly acceptable to take time for yourself, anything else is foolish.

3- Go outside

Even when the weather is cold and uninviting with a gray sky and snowing or raining, don’t give excuses and go outside every day and walk for 30 minutes. This alone has the power to re-energize you and uplift your spirit.

4- A good night sleep

There are so many distractions that can keep us awake. Go to bed early, don’t skip a good night’s sleep. Sleep is rejuvenating and will help you stay on top of things during the holidays.

5- Breathe and appreciate

Take deep breaths often and take time to appreciate and give thanks for what you have. Breathing and appreciation are great stress reducers.

6- Don’t indulge

Don’t indulge before Christmas. There are so many occasions to be tempted with foods offerings all over the place. You need to exercise discipline and say no to sweets and unwholesome foods which can compromise your health and add more stress to your immune system. Carry with you healthy snacks so you won’t go hungry and be tempted to everything is offered. Make sure to surround yourself with lots of fresh and vibrant foods.

7- Drink greens

Drink green juices and green smoothies for a day or two or to replace a few meals, a few days before Christmas. This short cleanse will insure that you arrive refreshed and fit for the big day.

My thought to you: Don’t exchange what you want the most for what you want in the moment.

Enjoy your Christmas, indulge in moderation and be merry.